Photo Album

Beryl and Jane ready to serve the Sangria.

Carlos at the right soon had to make another bowl of sangria.

The Spanish Restaurant Don Mariano came to make a Paella.

We also got a delicious well cut Serrano Jamón

The Boss of Don Mariano is watching everything is ok.

People are waiting for the food ...

The vegetables are prepared first.

Our President Marta with Sally

Sally with Portugués

Kurt ready for the next Sangria

The Paella is on it's way.

The dance is on to the music from a super party band.

The group is called Cheese Factor with Debbie and Francis performing a lot of good rock'n'roll as well as more modern music.

and Let's Twist Again.... By the way - They are singing every wednesday at "The Auld Dubliner" up the road.

The Paella was the Valencia type. Not quite sure if the meat was pork or rabbit.

Debbie of Cheese Factor sang and danced a fantastic version of "Cabaret"

The dance goes on

Time for the strong drinks ..

Patrick and Marina

Carlos is also a good entertainer

Our President Marta sang "Somebody to love" What a voice.

Kurt & Kirsten

President and Vice President sang Mama Mia

Carlos entertaining again.

Everyone seems to enjoy themselves

11. July 2009 - 1st Anniversary Party